Mr. Arijit Mukherjee

H.O.D of Electrical Engineering Dept.

Message from the Department

As the departmental HOD, I would like to take pride in having persons with exceptional academic backgrounds as our faculty colleagues. We as a Department of EE striving hard to achieve excellence in the development of diploma program labs. Our department faculties have ambitious plans of further improving both quality and quantity of education that can make a difference as well as have an impact at a global level. We constantly look for bright, young students who have passion to participate in our diploma programs. If any student has a similar passion for his/her diploma , we would like to encourage him/her to apply for our diploma programs in EE department of JIS School of Polytechnic.


To promote excellence in education of Electrical Engineering and prepare the students such that they can address challenges of the millennium to achieve sustainable socio-economic development of the whole country as well as for the Environment of it.

  • To provide educational excellence by balancing both theoretical and practical aspects of Electrical Engineering.
  • To promote Professional skills, Ethical and Spiritual values resulting in service to the community.
  • Department is always dedicated to equip students with the weapon of strong base of knowledge to enable them for continuing higher studies & to compete with the section of Employability.

Departmental Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • To provide students with the knowledge of Basic Sciences , Engineering and Social Science in general and Electrical Engineering in particular so as to impart the necessary skill to analyze and synthesize electrical circuits, algorithms and complex apparatus..
  • To prepare the students for social challenges and guide them to face the challenges and
  • To create an interest for self-learning, updating recent developments in the major area of study by way of in plant training and industrial visit and seminars.
  • To prepare the students to successfully work in various Industrial and Government organizations with professional competence to be able to handle critical situations and meet deadlines.
  • To train the student’s to apply the knowledge of technical courses in order to carry out curriculum based laboratory experiments and team projects for their professional improvement