Since the college's founding, the JIS School of Polytechnic Central Library has been a crucial component serving the staff, faculty, and students' information needs. The automated library has about more than 1000 Numbers of printed books, journals, magazines, newspapers, in its vast collection. By providing its customers with a rich collection development policy, automated circulation system, book bank facilities for each student, question bank repository, display service, and email service, the Library & Documentation Centre hopes to support the advancement of knowledge and excellence in education.


Reading Room  09:30 am to 05.15 pm
Reference Section 09:30 am to 05.15 pm
Journal and Career Guidance   09:30 am to 05.15 pm
Lending Section  09:30 am to 05.15 pm


  • To become a member of JISSP, Central Library: must be student of this college.
  • In case of the employee, he/ she should deposit a permission letter from Principal/ Manager for library use.
  • All students may borrow 8 nos, of books from Central Library.
  • Faculty members may borrow 6 nos. of books and staff members may borrow 3 books from central library for period of 30 days.
  • Loan period of Library books for 15 days. Renewal should be done two times for library
  • books. It is applicable for student's rupee.1 (one) fine will be charged per day if loan period has been over.
  • If any students dose not timely renew or return their books, fine should be continued automatically.
  • College Identity Card must be produced at the counter at the time of books issue,renew & return.
  • Students must be checked his/her accounts (balance of Library books).
  • Before leave counter for book borrowing and deposited time. No complain accepted about pending for depositor borrowing books by leaving counter or latter.
  • Timing of Book issues: Monday to Friday 9.30 am - 5. 15 pm (class wise) and special class is provided for 6 (six) days. Circulation for Saturday is 9. 30 am to 1. 30 pm.
  • Circulation of books and other Library service has been totally closed in the time of Internal and semester examination.
  • The Reference section of library will be open 9.30 am to 5.15 pm. Students may get 2 (two) books for reading purpose at reading room for producing College Identity Card.
  • Book must be deposited after completed semester examination. No books will be issue to students for new semester if he / she failed to deposit previous semester books.
  • Use of mobile phone strictly prohibited in Reading room of Library.