Ms. Ria Bandopadhyay

H.O.D of Computer Science and Technology Dept.

Message from the Department

Computer Science and Technology branch JIS School of Polytechnic is a diploma engineering department that was established in the year 2009. This is one of the Top CST Diploma College in Kolkata, West Bengal. This branch of engineering combines physics, mathematics and logical thinking with their applications to write, analyze or prepare programming in different modern platforms or different programming languages and maintain computer hardware and networking systems. Student become capable for different software design. The department has record to produce top ranking in the state council examination. The department is fully equipped with modern laboratories, where students can apply the theoretical knowledge of technology practically to fulfil the modern industrial and social requirements.

Computer Science and Technology (CST) is one of the most in-demand courses in engineering & technology in the present day. With a blend of digital and on-campus teaching, CST department provides students with the right expertise needed to prosper in the world of computer technology today.


Provide the students quality education in computer science and technology and prepare them to serve the society for technical and moral development.

  • Help students to develop and learn basic principles of computer science and technology that will help them to become successful professional or successful in their higher studies.
  • To impart moral and ethical values, and interpersonal skills to the students

Departmental Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • To provide students with the knowledge of basic science and humanities, basic ideas of electrical engineering and electronics engineering, computer hardware and software programming to identify and define the computing systems.
  • To create interest for self-learning, updating recent developments in the major area of study by way of industrial visit and seminars.
  • To impart knowledge of the subjects given in the curriculum of West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development for Computer Science & Technology and develop concepts of the subjects to students up to the level that they get well prepared to undertake higher studies.
  • To prepare the students to successfully work in various Industrial and Government organizations with professional competence to be able to meet the deadlines.
  • To foster the students with knowledge on management with moral & ethical principles and environmental issues.