Improving great logical research is a necessary requirement for creating fruitful applications. The goal of Research and development (R&D) activities undertaken by JIS Group is to build research careers, internationalization of human potential, support to strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new applications, just as cultural effect of education, research and advancement. A research development cell has been established that will prepare and execute the documents for development of research and development exercises inside the Institute.


The R&D Cell is responsible for assisting the Academic Council in the performance of the Council’s responsibilities in respect of the establishment and promotion of excellence in the Institute’s research and development, and academic and research training activities. This includes the development, review and monitoring of achievements under the Research & Development, and those aspects of other university/Institute Plans.

  • Promote emerging areas of research and development.
  • The protection and commercialization of the Institute’s intellectual property.
  • Motivate all Faculties to pursue research in their respective areas of expertise.
  • The development and enhancement of the Institute’s research capacities.

Establishment of Research & Development cell:

  • The Research & Development and Consultancy Cell established in 2017 as per the decisions taken by the Management.
  • The R & D Cell comprise of the following members


Name Designation
Jayanta Mukhopadhyay Principal, JISSP


Name Designation
Dr.Jyotirmoy Pandit HOD, Basic Science &Humanities


Name Designation
Dr. Debayan Mandal Associate Professor in Chemistry


Name Designation
Mr. Avijit Chowdhury Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Dept.
Mrs. Gargee Sarkar TIC, Electronics & Telecommunication EngineeringDept.
Mr. Debasish Das Senior Technical Assistant, Civil EngineeringDept.
Ms. Esha Mallick Lecturer, Electrical Engineering Dept.
Ms. Ria Bandhyopadhyay HOD, Computer Science & Technology Dept.
Mr. Arkarup Mitra Lecturer, Computer Science & Technology Dept.