• JISSP provides a wide scope where faculty and students make collaborative interdisciplinary projects in college environment.
  • We provide one separate project room for project purpose activities and one room separate for project demonstration purpose
  • Besides, JISSP ANAVISION offers many scopes to students to nurture their analytic mind from 1st semester.
  • It mainly reduce the gap of conventional education practice and real life modern industrial practice a large extent. Students make their own team and by analytic mind, they solve this.

Some listed completed projects are -

SL no Name of Projects Description
1 CNC WRITING MACHINE Draw a pattern on computer. CNC machine will present in automatic format.
2 AUTOMATED CUTTING MACHINE Remote control grass cutting machine. It can be controlled by remotely.
3 AUTOMATIC FIRE EXTINGUISHGER Detect fire and extinguish automatically
4 BLUETOOTH CONTROL ROBO CAR Car can be controlled by mobile phone and Bluetooth.
5 HOME AUTOMATION USING ARDUINO Control fan, TV, light by using mobile phone
6 RAILWAY TRACK INSTALLER Man controlled automatic railway track installer for railway system
7 OBJECT DETECTION WITH RADAR TECHNOLOGY Detect any object with in the circle of 1 meter and show this result in radar display
8 CONTROL OF AUTOMATIC FOLDING BRIDGE Control of automatic folding bridge
9 GESTURE COMTROL ROBOT Device can be controlled by human gesture
10 PULSE ‘OXIMETER’ Detect oxygen level of blood and showing the result in LED display