Mr. Santu Dey

H.O.D of Civil Engineering Dept.

Message from the Department

Civil Engineering department of JIS School of Polytechnic is one of the top Civil Engineering diploma college in West Bengal , established and running with glow since 2009. This branch of engineering is combined with engineering physics, mathematics, environmental chemistry, knowledge of surveying, material science where student can analyze the building material and can able to design various civil projects, and apply their knowledge in their field.

The Civil Engineering department is well equipped with all the modern and syllabus oriented laboratories where student can analyze and apply their theory knowledge and get the aspect for their practical field. Department influence the students to build the project oriented knowledge and develop their skill thus they get success in their life.


To cultivate highly efficient civil engineers with technical proficiencies for serving to local and national needs and prepare them to meet the current and future challenges in various field of Civil Engineering

  • To provide a meticulous hands-on engineering education to equip them with lifelong learning skills required for the professional practice in Civil Engineering field.
  • A dynamic and growing department, with emphasis on the advances of education and research in engineering education keeping in mind the needs of the built and natural environments for a sustainable development of the society.
  • To provide a great platform for learning by offering variety of subject choices covering broad/frontier areas of Civil Engineering.

Departmental Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • To provide students with a broad and through education in mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering mechanics along with application of modern Civil Engineering tools.
  • To prepare the students to understand the professionalism, ethics, quality performance, social responsibilities, safety and sustainability that allows them to be professional leaders when solving engineering problems in any critical circumstances.
  • To create an interest for self-developing and learning technical as well as communication skill in the major area of their study by the way of different industry trainings ,industrial visits and seminars.
  • To prepare the students become competent and captivated engineering professionals, applying their technical and managerial skills in support of any civil engineering projects.
  • To train the student’s to apply their lifelong learning along with their technical knowledge in order to carry out curriculum based laboratory experiments and team projects.