• Leading and Inspiring knowledge excellence for the human society across the globe.
  • To penetrate enthusiastic arched for the betterment. To translate the imagination, aims and ambition into reality.


  • To advance and enhance the learning possibilities by fostering awareness, developing holistic knowledge acquisition through creation, innovation , exposure and interaction to build human talent for self enhancement and also for the cause of society .
  • To enhance the Endeavour that focuses the choice.


Jis School Of Polytechnic is a technical institute whose main objective is to produce result oriented and skilled professionals to meet the ever-growing demands of industries. The success story of an institution weaves around its pillars, which supports and facilitates the growth of individuals. These pillars are students, parents, teachers and administration. The Institute seeks to set up a supportive environment the essence of which is “care. ”

We care for each one who enters the portal of our institution for we know the power of a gentle touch, a friendly smile, a kind word, a listening ear, and an honest compliment – all of which embody parental care. With nurturing philosophy, it views each one of you as unique and are committed to grooming you into a strong individual, a global citizen with your feet firmly rooted in values and traditions that embody a true JISSPians. In a larger context the JISSP intends to provide quality education on which the country can depend. The curriculum is up to date to effectively fulfill the technological requirement of India.


  • Latest technology to meet the demands of front-end industries.
  • High teacher-student ratio to ensure better interface.
  • Impart personality traits in students to ensure bright career.
  • Expose the students to industrial climate and practical problems.
  • Improve communication skills, creativity and leadership qualities among students
  • Encourage participation in co-curricular activities
  • Develop social awareness
  • Establish a close bond between the teachers and the students